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Should I wash the clothes before wearing?

It is advisable to wash the clothes before wearing them. The first time can be at 40 ° or 60 ° C on a short program with a bit of detergent.


What temperature should I use to wash the clothes?

  • Polyester / cotton clothing can be washed at 60 ° C.
  • Completely white fabrics can also be washed at 95 ° C, but this gives more wrinkle formation.
  • Coloured plain fabrics not hotter than 60 ° C and with a fur detergent.
  • Printed washing clothes at 40 ° C.


How should you treat (ink) printed clothing?

  • Do not dry clean
  • Wash clothes inside out at max 40 ° C.
  • Use a detergent without bleach
  • If hand washing do not rub but squeeze
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron the printing on the outside. Iron the inside at low temperature.


What is the best way to wash the clothes?

Wash in plenty of water; do not overfill the washing machine, ¾ of the maximum load level. Preferably, do not let the coats get too dirty.

By closing the buttons and zippers of the jackets before washing, they become less entwined.


What detergent can I use?

It is preferable to continue using the same detergent. Alternative detergents can produce unexpected chemical reactions due to the different agents composing each detergent.


Can the embroidery be ironed?

The embroidery may be ironed on a low setting on the correct side.

Iron on a high stand on the other side of the embroidery.


Should the clothes to be ironed?

To 60 ° C wash is the wrinkle recovery optimal

Do not overfill the washing machine. Remove the clothing from the machine as soon as the wash cycle is finished and hang them out immediately.

When you put the clothes in the dryer, then select 'iron dry' and hang the clothes immediately out after finishing the program. Ninety percent of our customers do not iron the clothes.

Ironing polyester-cotton changes the structure of the fabric fibre. As a result, the fabric will have a tendency to wrinkle more, the next time. The fabric will restore itself again after a number of washings without ironing.

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