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Zoetelief: Expertise

Customized workwear is our standard

Fitting and production

Since the clothing is made in our own workshop, we can customize any standard model to your specific needs. Customization and comfortable workwear create happy employees who enjoy wearing their clothes.

You can order what you need; we have no minimum order quantity. We prefer to supply a small quantity of workwear that is worn intensively over a pile that remains in the closet. That gives also to customers more need to purchase something new after several years. Perhaps, your house style or logo have changed, you and your employees want a tighter or wider model, or a different colour scheme. New workwear always gives a fresh and up-to-date look.


We strive for satisfied customers and want a long lasting relationship with our customers. If you are in the meantime in need of extra workwear, or a new set, we will arrange that. We will save the details of your previous orders (such as the used patterns, fabrics and sizes of your employees). A new order can be processed easily and smoothly.

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